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WIN Volume 4: Bruised But Not Broken


Tesha D. Colston along with other dynamic women have come together to share their stories in this powerful anthology book, “Women Inspiring Nations Volume 4:  Bruised But Not Broken.”

The visionary and presenter of this amazing anthology is the award-winning international speaker, author, and coach, Dr. Cheryl Wood.

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The Women Inspiring Nations series is dedicated to women by women: may it remind you that you are destined for greatness and inspire you to claim your personal power over every challenge you might face in order to become the best version of yourself.

This powerful collection of empowering personal stories demonstrates the bold, tenacious, and resilient spirit of women globally.

Each of the co-authors of Women Inspiring Nations Volume 4 boldly shares her “Bruised But Not Broken” story which encompasses her unique struggles and how she overcame her challenges to find ultimate success. Women Inspiring Nations Volume 4 will propel you to embrace the belief that no struggle can hold you back from fulfilling your destiny unless you allow it to.

Remember, you have a unique fingerprint that is meant to make a lasting impression on the world, and your story is a big part of that lasting impression!


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