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Ever wondered how faith and success blend to create something extraordinary? Welcome to "Saved, Sanctified, and Successful," where we spill the tea on spirituality and success. Each week, we bring heart-to-heart chats with faith-led achievers, deep dives into Bible teachings, and tips to balance spiritual devotion and worldly ambitions. Whether you're a boss babe, a leader, or a dreamer, we've got your back! Join us for fresh insights, candid talks, and empowering faith-based success stories. Sister, you're in the right place and I, Sister Tesha, will be your host!

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Thank you for your so much! Your level of support has touched my heart and rejuvenated my soul!!


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Tesha D. Colston, Evangelist and Christian author, life and financial coach. With over 15 years in Christian Ministry, she's adept at guiding individuals through emotional healing. But her real passion lies in financial education. Drawing from her corporate training and development experience, Tesha guides women towards financial stability and prosperity. Her personal stories, “Flawed but STILL Worthy, The Broke Christian, and My Mess, His Message,” underscores her mission, encouraging wealth-building strategies for generational success.

As an accomplished author, Tesha has been a 3x Amazon Best-Selling author with empowering anthologies. Her presence as a keynote speaker, including at the YOU ARE ENOUGH Conference with Dr. Les Brown and Dr. Cheryl Wood, adds to her influential aura. She has also been featured in various media outlets such as CBS Channel 2, CBS WBOC, FOX 28, FOX 34, FOX 43, the Digital Journal, and the Star Tribune.

Combining spiritual mentorship with financial coaching, Tesha uses her life journey to inspire women towards self-improvement and financial independence, effecting lasting, meaningful change in their lives.