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A widely sought-after speaker specializing in showing women how to be the master over money.  She shares with women the tools to financially secure and maintain successful Christian lives.  Tesha believes that Christians should partner with God in their finances so that they can live an abundant life now.  One of her favorite sayings is, "If God ain't in it you shouldn't be either!"

Make Money

It is imperative that we own our own businesses.  Don't put all your eggs in one basket. Do something!

Manage Money

You know how to budget, but do you know how to partner with God to manage your money? 

Multiply Money

God never changes, but the rules of money have.  Join Tesha & learn how to trade in FOREX market.

What Her SISTERS Are Saying


"Evangelist Colston has been a blessing in my life, she has a gift to push and encourage you.  I'll never forget the first time I prayed for a sister in the church.  Out of all the well-season ladies that were there the Lord lead her to me.  She never said a word, she grabbed my hand and let me to who needed prayer.  That is just one of the many ways that Evangelist Colston has pushed me and I am so grateful.  Because of her pushes, I am now a Pastors Armour Bearer, a youth Sunday school teacher, devotional leader and I'm on the praise team and it's all because of the gift that God has given her to encourage me, praise the Lord!"

Valerie Stephenson

"I want to support Tesha as she starts this new chapter in her life.  If it doesn't make dollars it doesn't make sense.  She is serious about show you how to achieve financial freedom.  Tesha loves all things godly.  She is an excellent teacher of the Gospel where she spent over 15 years in leadership roles in Greater Light Church and Ministries.  Tesha accepted the spiritual challenge and I am so happy to see her doing Sis Show Me How.  Thank you Tesha go forth and remember through Christ who strengthens you all things are possible."

Joi Richardson

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