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"Flawed but Still Worthy" is a movement that acknowledges and celebrates the inherent value and worth of every individual, despite their imperfections. Rooted in Christian faith, it emphasizes that our worth is not determined by societal standards or our shortcomings but by the unconditional love and grace of God.

Purpose:  To inspire and empower individuals, especially Christian women, to recognize their divine worth, embrace their imperfections, and cultivate a deep sense of self-love and acceptance. Through community, dialogue, and faith, the movement seeks to challenge the norms and redefine what it means to be "worthy."

Speaker Topics:


"Flawed Financial Decisions, but Still Worthy of Wealth"

Description: Financial mistakes don't define your worthiness of prosperity. Unearth biblical principles of stewardship, learn from past missteps, and realign your financial mindset to one of abundance, always rooted in faith.


"Flawed but Still Worthy: Discovering Your Worth and Embracing Flaws in the Pursuit of Purpose"

Description: As Christian women, we often grapple with self-worth. Delve into actionable steps to embrace your imperfections, celebrate your unique value, and understand that even with flaws, you are worthy of God's love and purpose.


"Flawed but Still Worthy: The Redemption of the Crippled Woman"

Description: For 18 long years, the crippled woman was bound by her ailment, her spirit weighed down by the chains of physical limitation and societal stigma. Yet, in a divine moment of grace, her encounter with Jesus transformed her life forever. Dive into the powerful narrative of this woman's journey from affliction to liberation. Through her story, we'll explore themes of perseverance, faith, and the life-altering power of Christ's touch. We reflect on the unwavering worth and dignity that God bestows upon each of us, even when we feel bent and broken by life's challenges. Remember, in the kingdom of God, every soul, regardless of its earthly struggles, is seen, loved, and declared worthy.


"Flawed but Still Worthy: Lessons from the Woman with the Issue of Blood"

Description: In a society where she was deemed unclean and unworthy, the woman with the issue of blood displayed profound faith and resilience. Dive into her transformative encounter with Jesus, exploring the depths of her desperation, the audacity of her faith, and the wholeness she found in Christ. Through her story, we'll uncover powerful insights into our own struggles with feelings of inadequacy, rejection, and imperfection. We journey through this biblical narrative, reminding ourselves that even in our deepest vulnerabilities and flaws, we remain worthy of God's love, healing, and grace.


"Flawed Like Esther, Still Worthy in His Eyes"

Description: Embrace the beauty of imperfection as we journey through Esther's life, a woman who, despite her flaws, was chosen for a divine purpose. Learn how her story empowers us to see our worth through God's eyes, regardless of our imperfections.


"Imperfect Pages, Perfect Messages: Crafting Worthy Low-Content Books"

Description: Imperfections can sometimes be the most authentic parts of our story. Dive into the world of low-content book publishing, harnessing the power of flaws to create content that resonates, uplifts, and empowers Christian women.  AI can help amplify God's message in novel ways. Explore the potential and pitfalls of integrating AI in faith-based publishing, always anchored in the belief of being flawed yet worthy.

About Tesha D. Colston

Tesha D. Colston is an Evangelist, Christian author, speaker and certified life and financial coach. She has been called and equipped to minister to those who are broken. She has more than 15 years’ experience in Christian Ministry, operates in the gifts of prophecy, healing, and discernment, helping women to enhance their relationship with God and experience His amazing works in their lives. Her passion is to encourage and empower women to achieve unlimited personal growth. 

Tesha is a three-time Amazon Best-Selling author of three anthologies: Women Inspiring Nations, Volume 3: I’m Still Standing, Bruised, but Not Broken, Volume 4 and You Are Enough. She is also the author of several motivational journals that inspire Black women, girls, and boys to help build their self-esteem. Tesha has been a keynote speaker of the 'YOU ARE ENOUGH' Conference with Dr. Les Brown and Dr. Cheryl Wood. She has also been featured in various media outlets such as CBS Channel 2, CBS WBOC, FOX 28, FOX 34, FOX 43, the Digital Journal, and the Star Tribune. 

Tesha is a serial entrepreneur and financial educator who shares her story, "Flawed but Still Worthy" and “My Mess, His Message,” to identify with audiences all over the world. She has many years of experience in corporate training, development management and financial services. Tesha is a financial mentor who helps women who struggle financially, to partner with God and walk in His truth concerning financial wealth. She fosters wealth-building mindsets and encourages strategies to promote generational wealth. 

Tesha’s life journey has equipped her to impact all women with her unique messages of hope, compassion, and simplicity. As a spiritual mentor, she provides women with the necessary tools to make meaningful and lasting change. 

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