What A Difference A Bit Of Gratitude Makes

Some think of gratitude as a characteristic, while others feel it’s a skill. Some even believe the concept to be a practice. These are all correct, actually. 

Today, we’ll explore the definition of gratitude. Then we’ll talk about its benefits and move on to share ways you begin implementing it in your life.

You’ll see just what an impact embracing this often-overlooked process can make. Hopefully, you’ll be excited about beginning a gratitude practice of your own. 

Let’s get started!

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I’ll be back tomorrow with another tip and challenge prompt.

Be Blessed, Be Fruitful, and Multiply!

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About the Author

Tesha D. Colston, aka The Marketplace Evangelist, is a Christian Speaker, Author, and Coach who equips and empowers believers through the Bible. She is passionate about showing believers how to:

* Partner with God in their everyday life.
* Walk confidently in their Kingdom identity.
* Know how to tap into their Kingdom inheritance.
* Operate from a place of authority.

Her desire is that believers are able to access all of the resources of the Kingdom that is available to fulfill their purpose.

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