Do you want to conquer your dating life? Has COVID-19 put the kibosh on your dating scene? Or do you want to enjoy your dating life instead of dreading it? Do you want to say I do at the altar? Well, stick around Single ladies today is your day!

I am super excited for today's entrepreneurs chat because we have attraction dating coach Apostle April and she is going to be sharing some wisdom to help you unlock the dating doors and get you saying I DO at the altar. Some might be thinking what does dating coach have to do with finances.

Well, some of y'all are spending way too much money focused on the outside when there are tips and strategies you can use right now to get your dating life together. Plus, I just love to help women live the life of their dreams and if it's your dream to date then this is the show for you.


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Take care and God Bless!

Sister Tesha


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