I Deserve To Splurge 

God's Perfect Way to Live Up to Your Financial Potential

Tesha D. Colston unlocks the secret to breaking FREE from the control of money as she guides readers through identifying and dismantling the negative thoughts that hinder financial success.

Do You Ever Feel Like You Will Never Breakfree From The Control of Money? 

Have you been thinking about making a budget and you just never seem to get around to do it?

Are you tired of creating budgets that you never stick to?

I Deserve To Splurge: God's Perfect Way To Live Up To Your Financial Potential

Tesha D. Colston guides readers through how to partner with the Holy Spirit to transform your financial mind and create habits that lead you to financial success. 

Finally, a book that gives you an understanding of why you spend the way you spend and helps you to understand how to renew your financial mind so that your thoughts produce the actions that lead you to the achievement of your financial goals.”

  • Discover the secret to finally be a good steward of money.
  • Learn how to identify and dismantle the negative thoughts that hinder your financial growth.
  • Increase your relationship with God and learn what is on His heart concerning you and your financial picture.
Tesha D. Colston
Certified Life & Financial Coach, Speaker, and Christian Author

Tesha has more than 15 years’ experience in Christian ministry. She also has 20 years of Corporate Training and Facilitation, Call Center Management, and Supervision.

Tesha wears one hat with many experiences and gifts. Her passion is to show women how to partner with God in finances to achieve financial freedom so that they can create a life they love to live.

Tesha's life journey has equipped her with unique messages filled with compassion and simplicity. She encourages women in a way that empowers growth.  Connect with Tesha at www.teshadcolston.com or on social media "teshadcolston".

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