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You know there has to be more to life than toiling away at a boring 9-5 or building a business that doesn't fully align with your values, skills or deepest desires, this is for you.

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Go from feeling stuck in your job or business to doing deeply meaningful work that lights your soul ablaze, makes time whiz by and leaves a powerful impact on your clients’ lives.

“I love my business! I love what I do, I love my clients and I truly love wak-ing up every day. I’m so passionate about my work. I know this is my purpose.”

Ever see someone you follow online or deeply admire say (or speak) some-thing similar to the above–and feel a confusing blend of awe, anger and inspiration?

If so, you’re not alone.

In fact, if you can relate to any of the following statements, you’re in right place…

You’re a highly creative human stuck in an energy-draining, unfulfilling 9-5 job or career and looking for a way to make money that’s also meaningful (if only you knew how!).

You’re a heart-centered business owner and your current biz or offers have ‘run their course’ (read: you’re just going through the motions be-cause your heart’s not really in it anymore–you miss the fire!).

You’re not-so-secretly afraid you’re not living up to your full potential or making the difference you want to make in the world because all your time is eaten up by your boring job (or–perhaps worse–delivering on pro-jects or offers that bore you to tears or don’t align with your values).

You’d love to make good money while also making a difference and/or doing ‘that thing’ your soul is called to do (once you figure out what in the world that actually is).  Sound familiar? Then I highly encourage you to keep reading, because I have some very good news. 

Figuring Out Your Unique Passion and Purpose Doesn’t Have to be So Hard!

Sure, passion and purpose seem like big, heavy topics. But the truth?

The gap between where you are and where you want to be is a lot smaller than you think!

I know that might sound like a stretch, especially if right now you’re stuck inside a cubicle (or your home office) and spend ¾ of your day doom scrolling or cursing your clients or co-workers under your breath every time you hear a Slack ping or email notification.

But the truth is, your passion and purpose are actually just a few thought-provoking, honesty-revealing questions away.

You really can go from drained and directionless to filled with passion and very well paid faster than you imagine.

If you want crystal-clear clarity on your passions and your unique swirl of divinely bestowed gifts, talents and skills…

If you want to spend your days on fulfilling and energy-boosting work that makes time fly by (rather than drag on while you stare at the clock and/or obsessively refresh your Facebook feed)…

If you want to start getting everything you desire in and outside your ‘work life’ (whether that’s more time with the kiddos, the chance to collaborate with intelligent, incredible humans or loads more money in the bank)…
It’s possible.

And I’m happy to show you how inside of...

Find Your Passion.

Find Your Purpose.

In this short, value-packed training, you’ll learn exactly how to discover, name and start working toward living out your unique passion and purpose, step-by-step. From pinpointing your one-of-a-kind gifts and talents to unearthing and overcoming hidden fears to getting crystal-clear on what you want to offer the world–and how to offer it–this training’s got you covered.

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What You'll Discover in this 10 Part - Audio Course:

Get super specific about what passion and purpose mean to you (and not your family, friends or outspoken colleague[s]).

Discover your unique skills, strengths and talents, so you can positively impact society and your bank account without trying to be someone you’re not.

Quickly move past hidden fears, blocks or obstacles stopping you from fully living out your deepest desires.

Zero in on the specific activities and tasks that excite & energize you, so running your business becomes easy and fun.

Get clear on your values and beliefs to bring you closer to your ultimate purpose.

Easily translate your raw magic and gifts into irresistible offers that serve the humans you know you’re meant to serve.

Transform your passion & purpose into a rock-solid business idea and magnetic mission statement, so you can attract ideal clients and stay on track–and on purpose–in your biz.

Infuse exponentially more joy and meaning into your business, so you can stop doing mind-numbing or soulless work just to get paid–forever!

PLUS: A follow-along workbook packed with juicy, eye-opening prompts designed to help you get clarity on your gifts & get real about your desires, plus start taking action to turn your unique passion & purpose into reality.

By the end, you’ll know deep-in-your-bones what your true gifts are, exactly what you desire from your business (and life–yep, even if right now you have no clue) and exactly what next steps to take to start turning it into reality.

And spoiler alert, when you do all of that, all of the below will also start heading your way (at full speed): 

✓  Waking up every day bursting with energy, excited to pop open your laptop & get to work (rather than peeling yourself out of bed at 8:59a.m. and dreading the 8 or 12 hours ahead of you).

✓  Using your unique skills and talents on a daily basis to rock your ideal clients’ worlds–and seeing that reflected in the gushing DMs and emails in your inbox, not to mention the dollars in your bank account.

✓  More bandwidth for life outside of work (because when you’re in flow & doing the work you’re actually meant to do–your energy stays buzzy and vibrant and never diminishes).

✓  Days filled with work that feels deeply intrinsically meaningful to you, your clients and the planet at large (vs. feeling chained to a cubicle or your home office!).

✓  Confidence and clarity to go after your dreams and finally start a profitable-yet-heart-centered business that actually aligns with your values.

… and so, so much more!

This training is for you if you’re a full-time employee ready to transition out of a 9-5 by utilizing your natural gifts & skills, a full or part-time business owner who’s no longer lit up by your work or clients, or just a caring, creative human who wants to do more than ‘click-clack’ behind a keyboard for the next 20+ years.

Here’s the deal: At the end of the day, I truly believe anyone with the honest desire to create a passion-fueled, meaningful business can do just that.

I also know that figuring out your passion and purpose can feel crazy-tough (and like a MASSIVE undertaking) on your own. That’s why this training exists!

And while it’s undeniable that everybody is talking about passion and purpose these days…

It’s also true nobody seems to be talking about how to actually figure out what yours are and then turn them into an actual business.

But I am.

Just imagine finally having a roadmap of your own passions, purpose and desires–and knowing EXACTLY how to start bringing them to life through meaningful work.

That’s what this training can do for you.

And one more thing: This training isn’t about throwing loads of information & inspiration at you and sending you on your merry way. Oh, no. You’ll also find actionable steps, insightful tools and clarity-inducing writing prompts designed to help you get your ideas out of your head, onto paper and out into the real world.

Nope, you actually don’t have to stay stuck in a job you don’t love, doing work you don’t love, serving clients or customers you know could be better served by, well, probably anyone else.

Instead, you can snag this one-of-a-kind training and get the razor-sharp clarity you need to make major moves and changes in your career, busi-ness and/or life.

So, if you know without-a-doubt you want to start a passion and purpose-based business, but don’t know where to start (although you’re admittedly bursting to get your dreams out of the Notes app on your phone and out into the world)…

…or you don’t know what lights you up anymore–or never did…

…or you’re just super over working a draining job and feeling like some-thing major is missing in your life (and maybe your wallet, too)…

…then I cordially invite you to join me inside.

It’s time to learn exactly what your unique passion and purpose are and how you can use them to make a difference in others’ lives–and make the world just a bit (or a lot) better in the process, too.

Sound good?

Can’t wait to see you on the inside!

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