Create and Publish Your Planner, Journal, Notebook In 7 Days!

Learn how to CREATE your Journal, Planner, notebook using CANVA and PUBLISH it on AMAZON in 7 days!

What If You Could Turn Your Journal, Planner or Notebook IDEAS Into a VIRTUAL ATM and Go From Idea to PUBLISHED on AMAZON in 7 Days?

But, there’s a couple of little details you’re missing like:

  • You aren't a good enough writer or have the patience or time to produce a regular book
  • You’re a homepreneur, coach, teacher, minister, evangelist, pastor, a service-based business owner but you need a product to increase your visibility in the market place.
  • You’re brilliant but you need someone to help you connect all of the publishing dots.
  • You've got bomb ideas but you have no idea how to actually create a journal, planner, or notebook or publish it?
  • You’ve invested in a be-you-tiful website, your pictures are to die for and you have even had a coach but you still don’t have a product to sell.


Become a Published Author on Amazon!


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All of the steps to publish your journal, planner, notebook line on AMAZON laid out in front of you, so you live the reality of being an Amazon published author


Leave that global imprint that rocks your soul and reminds you why you are on this planet in the first place.


Being able to say, “I'm a published author” extends your credibility as a coach, writer, speaker, entrepreneur when you go out there to offer your coaching package, sell your book, syndicate your blog, get speaking engagements, etc.


Imagine all of those amazing ideas you have beautifully packaged and awaiting to be purchased by eager buyers.

Here’s What People Are Saying About The Course

Sherrea Stephenson

CEO, Success Is In Your Hands

Great insight! Glad I signed up

Teresa Johnson

I love the way you deliver this course your animated and easy to follow and you have kept my attention, this was definitely not a boring course. Awesome live experience , thanks so much for your time with us. 

Devin Stubblefield

CEO, Faith Finance Center

Happy to learn how to do this on my own!

Awesome course! Happy to learn how to do this on my own! I want to produce multiple Planner/Journals for various audiences like the example you gave for Grace & Hustle! I’m excited, thank you!!!

DeAndrea Levias

CEO, Total Accounting Tax and Payroll LLC

This Class Is Right On Time...

This class is right on time for me!!! I use Canva but the  templates are game changers for me. I am so so excited.

Here's What’s In The Course

Literally, EVERYTHING you need to publish your Journal, Planner, Notebook on Amazon using Canva


Module 1: Course Introduction

You will learn what low and no content books are and how you can use them to grow a profitable business, gain creditability, and get visible in the global community.


Module 2: How To Use Canva

This is a very detailed 20 step-by-step video series. These over-the-shoulder videos will help you understand how to best use this platform to organize and grow your business.


Module 3: Designing Book Covers

We show you how to create book covers that are ready to upload on Amazon's platform.  We show you where to get design elements that make your books pop and your readers click the "buy now" button.


Module 4: Amazon Publishing 101

In this module, we walk you through Amazon's publishing portal.  Show you the exact steps to take to publish your book.  We go over common errors and how to avoid them.


I Want YOU To Be Successful So I Am Also Including...

worksheets that help you map out your book project.  I show you how to unzip files that are downloaded from Canva or other sites.  To wrap it up, I show you how to open your Amazon's author account so that you can show up on the platform as a professional showing your value in the marketplace.

You Also Will Get:

Bonus 1
33 DFY Templates

33 KDP ready interior templates. Ready for you to customize them in CANVA for your brand or your personal use!

Bonus 2
Motivation Quotes

50 motivational quotes that you can use as design elements on interior pages and the cover of your book.

Bonus 3
Ongoing Support

Ongoing Facebook support group to answer questions, help with projects, and show off your work.

About The Teacher,
Tesha D. Colston

Tesha is a Coach for women.  She is passionate about showing women how to partner with God to achieve financial freedom. Her desire is to see women create a lives they love to live.  

Tesha has published many low and no content books.  She has a Journal and Planner book store in which she focuses on books that speak to African American Women and Children.   Visit it at

Tesha D. Colston is a serial entrepreneur, certified life coach, financial educator, and preacher.  She is debt FREE, has

experience  building credit and shares a true "My Mess His Message" story her audience identifies with.  She has over 10 years experience preaching and leading church groups.  She also has many years in corporate training and development, management and financial services.  Book a consultation at

Just Think About Where You Could Be In 7 Days When You Publish Your Book

create and publish workshop

Have Your Journal, Planner, Notebook Published In 7 Days!



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Frequently Asked Questions

I don’t have the tech skill to create a book, I barely know what CANVA is.

That’s why you NEED this course, I have hand picked all of the resources you need to make this process easy and breezy. 

All the tools make it too expensive to create.

I created my first journal and made all of the costly mistakes.  Now, I want to show you how to use FREE tools to create professional products.  There are some done for you services that are very inexpensive that we will cover.  

There’s already a book like mine out there.

That’s why the designs sections are key. Your designs will resonate with your core audience and make you stand out from the crowd of other offerings in your niche.


Have Your Journal, Planner, Notebook Published In 7 Days!



  • Lifetime Access
  • Immediate Start
  • Access to All Modules


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