Blessed and Wealthy

21-Day Divine Blueprint to Prosperity

"Blessed and Wealthy: The 21-Day Divine Blueprint To Prosperity" Is An Online Audio Mini Course for Women Align Your Finances With Your Faith and Unleash Divine Abundance!

Do you find yourself stuck in a cycle of lack, despite praying for abundance? 

 Are you you wrestling with the idea that desiring wealth could be unspiritual or ungodly? Are you longing for a financial breakthrough but unsure about how to achieve it within your faith walk?

Limited Progress

I know you find yourself trapped in a cycle of lack, despite praying for prosperity

Limiting Beliefs

I know financial anxieties keep you up at night, contradicting your faith-based trust in God's providence

If Your Heart Said 'YES' To Any (or all) Of These... 

This 21-day Adventure Is Just For You!   

Join us today!

Here's what’s in the Program

You see, Sisterfriend, God doesn't want you to live in fear or lack. He wants you to experience His blessings and prosperity. This course is about saying goodbye to the scarcity mindset and embracing the divine blueprint for your prosperity.
Module 1:  Transition from Scarcity to Abundance
  • Lesson 1: Recognizing and Overcoming the Scarcity Mindset
  • Lesson 2: Embracing God's Abundance
  • Lesson 3: Faith as the Key to Financial Freedom
module 2: Affirming Your Wealth with Declarations
  • Lesson 4: Power of Positive Declarations
  • Lesson 5: Day 1 to Day 7 Declarations - Replacing Fear with Faith
  • Lesson 6: Weekly Reflections and Growth
Module 3: Continuing the Path to Prosperity
  • Lesson 7: Day 8 to Day 14 Declarations - Harnessing the Power of Faith
  • Lesson 8: Weekly Reflection and Takeaways
  • Lesson 9: The Role of Patience in Wealth Accumulation
Module 4: Sealing Your Financial Freedom 
  • Lesson 10: Day 15 to Day 21 Declarations - Embracing the Promise of Prosperity 
  • Lesson 11: Weekly Reflection and Takeaways
  • Lesson 12: Implementing Biblical Wealth Declarations in Your Daily Life 
Module 5: Beyond the 21-Day Journey
  • Lesson 13: Maintaining a Prosperity Mindset
  • Lesson 14: Growing Wealth in Alignment with Faith
  • Lesson 15: Testimonies of Transformation and Encouragement for Continued Growth

Tesha D. Colston

Tesha D. Colston is a Christian author, speaker and certified life and financial coach. She has been called and equipped to minister to those who are broken.

Tesha is a financial mentor who helps women who struggle financially, to partner with God and walk in His truth concerning financial wealth. She fosters wealth-building mindsets and encourages strategies to promote generational wealth. 

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"Evangelist Colston has been a blessing in my life, she has a  gift to push and to encourage you.  I'm so grateful because of the gift that the Lord has given her to encourage me, praise the LORD."

Valerie Stephenson

/ Sunday School Teacher

I love the way you delivered this course. You're animated, easy to follow and you kept my attention. Definantely not a boring course. Awesome live experience.

Teresa Johnson


Tesha is a Proverbs 31 woman! She shares similar endeavors in her own personal life, the good, the bad and the ugly. Believe me when I say experience is a teacher, she has experienced a lot.

Joi Richardson